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Explore Mark

An enlightening and engaging Bible-study series that takes you on a sequential encounter with Jesus.

Come explore the life, teachings and actions of Jesus Christ - the most influential man of human history. Embark on a journey that helps you study the Bible in a non-threatening and fun manner.

So get a copy and spread the word!


Boundless Love

In this atmosphere of hurt and hate, the world needs love and that too of a boundless kind. This book attempts to explore Jesus' teaching on this subject in Luke 6:27-36.

The author helps the reader look at salvation as a journey of transformation, where the Holy Spirit helps you at every step and the same applies in this difficult area of personal growth as with respect to love. Thus this exegesis is a must read for every Christian, young and old, as it helps you and guides you on your path to sanctification. All the while keeping it real, simple and practical.

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