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All Things Bible

ATB is an initiatives to help young minds of the 21st century explore, engage and enjoy God's word. ATB aspires to produce and compile quality resources and make them easily accessible.

As we begin this journey we are looking for like-minded individuals who would like to collaborate in this initiative. Feel free to take the plunge and join the project.

New Arrivals


Explore Mark

This is a bible-study series that will help you explore the life and teachings of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark, in an interactive manner. It's available for free.


Boundless Love

This ebook brings out Jesus' call for boundless love and presents it as the need of the hour. It's an easy and short read but it will challenge you. 



Calling all thinkers, that means all of you! Write down your thoughts and experiences, relate your life and your study of the Bible, we would love to publish your articles.



Videos are the new story tellers and today a mobile is all that we need to tell a story. Are you crazy enough to tell stories that engage faith, studies, work and life?


Explore God's richness through articles that reveal his glory and confront you with His grace.

Video Resources

Immerse in videos that bring God's word alive. Some of the very best compiled and created for you.

Join the project

Involve with ATB as a partner by writing articles, creating videos and sharing your time, effort and finances.


Enjoy books and other downloadable resources that you can enjoy and share offline wherever you go.

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